No Project

Papilio canadensis


I was very excited to find this larva of Papilio canadensis (Canada Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly) in late August last year preparing to form a chrysalis thinking I could photo its progression day-by-day. Maybe I might even see it emerge as a butterfly the following spring. As the days wore on there was no change to the larva. After two weeks I began to think something was wrong here. Shortly after that it was gone from the leaf. Whether it died and fell off or was eaten I don’t know.

This caterpillar is on an aspen leaf one of the species’ larval host plants. Other preferred larval foods are willow, cherry, and ash. The eye-spots on the larva’s thoracic segments presumably deter some predators. Interestingly, the young larva resemble bird droppings.

8 thoughts on “No Project

  1. I need more posts from you! I biked yesterday and came across some more cactus blooms that blow my mind- I am getting ready to upload them. The word needs more of your work shown😉


    1. Looking forward to seeing that. I love cactus but they don’t grow in MN except for a few small species and are not common.

      I’m reading about your cat Callie right now and her play time. She is a fun cat.

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