Autumn is coming

September 22, 2022, is officially the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere but today it doesn’t feel like autumn is anywhere in the future. Right now the temperature is 52 degrees F and the high is predicted to be 78. Flowers are still blooming in the gardens. There hasn’t even been a frost which is very unusual for here.

When I look at the trees only a few are showing color changes. The rest are green or just looking a bit faded. But the woods has that autumn smell to it in the early evening so something is happening. And many plants in the understory are changing color. Autumn starts on the forest floor so at least that much is following schedule.

I did hear geese the other night heading south for the winter which will most certainly arrive. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy these lingering sunny days, do some cleanup around the yard, and check the snowblower to make sure it starts and runs well before the first big storm.

5 thoughts on “Autumn is coming

        1. Leaves will be falling that’s for sure. I’m listening to Minnesota Public Radio at the moment and both the morning show host and the next hour’s host have just said “autumn” referring to the cooler weather today and tomorrow. All this talk about autumn vs fall is leading me to do a little research on the derivations of the words we use for the seasons.

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