Another busy night and another huge moth

Sphinx kalmiae Laurel Sphinx Sphinx Moth
Sphinx kalmiae


Another busy and late night but a productive one. I added several more species to the checklist but this one was already on the list after I found a caterpillar of the species last fall. It is the Laurel Sphinx Moth (Sphinx kalmiae). There is an abundance of potential food plants (ash and lilac) for this moth to choose from right around my house so I am hoping to find a few caterpillars later this summer.

3 thoughts on “Another busy night and another huge moth

  1. I found one on the polebarn today. I almost missed it as it blended in nicely with the wood. Would you share a picture of the caterpillar. I’d love to keep an eye out next year. Thank you for helping me identify this moth and best of luck hunting.

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    1. You’re welcome, Caleta. I do have a photo of the caterpillar somewhere. I think it may be on this site or you could check out my Flickr page (really small farm) and go to the caterpillar album. Many of my latest moth finds are posted there, too. One of these days I’ll be posting here again eventually. I’ve got many more moth and other insect species that might interest you as well.


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